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Grinders & Sanders

2-3in Mini-Grinder, Electric & Pneumatic
2-3in Mini-Grinder, Pneumatic, Extended Reach
4.0in-4.5in Sander, Electric & Pneumatic, w/Floating Dust Collector
4.0in-4.5in Sander, Pneumatic, U.S. Navy Configurations
7in Sander, Electric & Pneumatic, w/Floating Dust Collector
7in Sander, Pneumatic, U.S. Navy Configurations
4in-7in Grinder, Electric, w/Floating Dust Collector, for Diamond Cup/Concrete Work


Model 16, Pneumatic, Pistol-grip style
Model 19, Pneumatic, Straight style
Model 20, Pneumatic, Straight style
Model 24, Pneumatic, Pistol-grip style
Model 32, Electric, Straight style
Model 40, Pneumatic, Pistol-grip style, Low vibration, Premium gun
Model 40EX, Extended Reach Model 40
Model 50, Pneumatic Needlegun and TileStripper

Scarifiers - Descobrader, FX, Mini-Flushplate

Descobrader 1750, Scarifier, Walk-behind, 1750rpm
Descobrader 3500, Weld-Cleaning, Walk-behind, 3500rpm

FX-Flushplate, Hand held
FX-Flushplate, Standup/walk behind

Mini-Flushplate, Standard Motor
Mini-Flushplate, Heavy Duty Motor
Flushplate 125A, Great for Mill Scale Removal

Cutter Application Chart for scarifiers above

Vacuums - Critical Filtration & Wet-Dry

Application Specific Models

Back Pack Vacuums, 6 Gallon, Electric & Pneumatic
Radiological Protection RP-Vac, Nuclear Grade, 6-15 Gallon, HEPA/ULPA, Electric & Pneumatic

Electric Models

Dominator I, 6 Gallon, ULPA Filtration
Dominator II & III, 15-30-55 Gallon, ULPA Filtration

Pneumatic Models

Pneumatic Vacuums, All Models, Side 1
Pneumatic Vacuums, All Models, Side 2
Flammable Liquids, 55 Gallon

Specialty Tools & Accessories

Air Fittings, with Air Supply Setup Diagram
Blast-Off Cleaner Liquid concentrate
Blast-Off Eductor use to apply Blast-Off Cleaner
BPH VersaTool, Standard Configuration
BPH VersaTool, Pipe Cleaning & Overboard Discharge Tool Configuration
Chipping Hammer & Chipping Gun with dust collector
Hammer Drill with dust collector
Skid Mixer Hand Held Quick Mixer -- Great for Non-Skid
Pipe Saw Clamp-on style for controlled cuts
Sawzall Reciprocating Saw with Dust Collector
SP90 Ergonomic Weld Cleaning Machine
Tile Stripper
Whip Assembly Pneumatic tool filter/lubricator
Wonder Wand Blow down tool