Desco needleguns are designed with the following in mind: productivity, ergonomics and most importantly durability. Desco needleguns are offered in a variety of sizes and are all capable of being outfitted with dust collector outlet attachments for use on flat surfaces, inside corners and pipe. When utilized with Desco critical filtration vacuums, tools are designed for use of applications involving lead, silica and radioactive decontamination.

Model 16 - Needlegun

Model 16 - Needle Gun 
Model 18 Needle Scaler

Model 19 - Needlegun

Model 19 - Needle Gun
Model 20 - Needlegun

Model 20 - Needle Gun
Model 24 - Needlegun

Model 24 Needlegun
Model 32 - Needlegun

Model 32 - Needle Gun
Model 40, 40EX, 25 - Needle Scaler

Needle Gun Consumables & Parts
Needlegun Consumables & Parts

Needle Gun Consumables & Parts