Desco has engineered an innovative line of high performance equipment designed for the demanding needs of the nuclear power industry where safety is of utmost concern.  Foreign Matter Entry (FME) control and Personal Contamination Event (PCE) control are critical to safety and plant operational integrity.

  • Corrosion Removal clean prior to welding or coating.
  • Pre-Construction Primer Removal required for pre-weld preparation.  
  • Weld Preparation clean and remove surface contamination.
  • Weld Grinding removes weld scars left from temporary construction welds.
  • Coating Removal - cleans and removes failed coatings. 
  • Rust/Scale Removal - cleans and removes heavily oxidized scale from steel plate. 
  • SSPC SP-11 - meets or exceeds specification for power tool cleaning to bare metal. 
  • Mill Scale Removal - cleans two sides of steel plate in one pass.  
  • Verified results - Test data available verifying effectiveness of engineering controls for dust containment.
  • Egronomic design of quality power tools deliver performance with low vibration.

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DescoBrader Mini-Flushplate Double Edge Web Scaler FX Tool SP-90 Stand-up FX